Scoot Airlines flies Singapore to Hokkaido – Is it a good deal?

Scoot Airlines - Flying Singapore to Sapporo - Is it a Good Deal - Bumble Bee Mum

Scoot Airlines just launched their Singapore to Hokkaido (Sapporo, Chitose) flights with a transit at Taipei, much to the excitement of many Singaporeans! Okay, maybe it’s just me.  Everyone who reads my blog knows how much I LOVE Hokkaido.

Just like when Hokkaido Shinkansen was launched, I have people asking me whether or not flying Scoot Airlines from Singapore to Hokakido is a good idea.  So before more people start asking me, I shall present my long-winded answer.

Flying a Low Cost Carrier

First of all, please remember that Scoot is a low cost carrier (a.k.a. budget airlines). Taking a low cost carrier means no in-flight entertainment, no meals and no baggage unless you pay for them.  You do NOT get people serving you drinks along the flight.  If you want water, you need to pay.  That sort of thing. If you don’t like the idea of taking budget airlines, period, then don’t bother.

I have taken Scoot twice: Once to Gold Coast, once to Taipei.  I have also taken other low cost carriers such as Jetstar, Air Asia and Peach Airlines.  To date, Scoot is still my favourite low cost carrier.  It does not pale in comparison to some full cost carriers in terms of comfort.  I even got bumped up to the STRETCH seats for free once! So I am definitely open to trying out Scoot flight from Singapore to Sapporo (CTS) – provided it is really cheaper than full cost carriers.


Since in-flight entertainment can be easily replaced by a BYO iPad, when I do my price comparison at the end of this post, I will include meals and baggage.

Transit Timing

Currently, there is no direct commercial flights from SIN to CTS.  Actually a reader once told me that Singapore Airlines has direct flights from time to time, but Singapore Airlines is usually out of my budget.  For the (usually) more affordable options like Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, ANA, Japan Airlines etc. that I compare, they all require a transit.

Scoot’s SIN to CTS flight transits in Taipei – which is GOOD.  Because if you look at the map, it is not much of a detour.


I checked the transit timing – it is only 1 hour 20 min going there, 1 hour when coming back.  AWESOME! That’s about as good as a transit can get.



As with all low cost carriers, the price can fluctuate A LOT depending on season and whether or not there is a promotion.  But in general, if you ask me what is considered cheap for a SIN to CTS flight, I would say anything below SGD700 per pax is cheap.  SGD700-800 is about what I would usually pay.  Anything more than SGD800 is out of my budget.


Currently, Scoot is advertising a promotion for SGD188 per way.  I tried searching for Singapore to Sapporo flights for many different dates, and the cheapest I found was the one below, so I’m going to try working with this.


SGD405.51 is SUPER cheap for a Singapore to Sapporo flight if you ask me! But remember: No baggage, no meals, no in-flight entertainment. The FlyBagEat option cost SGD72 per passenger per way.


Now, let’s try what happens if I add in baggage and meals.


SGD549.51 is still very cheap.  If you’re prepared to pack your own in-flight entertainment (i.e. an iPad loaded with games and movies or, well, the whole series of Descendants of the Sun would work for me.)

There are other options like travel insurance and seat selection – which I usually opt out of. Oh look, there is even an option for WIFI!  This is a great alternative for in-flight entertainment if you ask me.  Just bring an iPad and stream YouTube videos or *ahem* Korean drama.  But I’m gonna opt out to see what the total comes up to.


And.. that’s it! I have arrived at the payment page with a total of SGD549.51.


Hmm, the last time I booked a Scoot flight, I remembered there was some processing fee at the very end.  Or did I remember wrongly? Never mind, I am not going to key in my credit card details just to check for the processing fee.  I didn’t remember it being very significant.. Like $10 or something?

In Summary…

SGD549.51 for a Singapore to Chitose return flight.

With 20kg baggage and meals.

With only 1 hour plus in transit and minimal detour.

I say book me on the flight!


Promotion Ended?

The price above was a promotional price at time of writing.  Suppose you are reading this AFTER the promotion has ended.  In general, I would say if I can get a price below SGD600 inclusive of meals and baggage, I would go for it.  But anything above SGD600, I would see how much difference it is from full cost carriers.

The best price I have gotten from full cost carriers from SIN to CTS iirc was SGD600+ on Thai Airways.  If let’s say Thai Airways cost SGD200 more for my entire family compared to Scoot, I would opt for Thai Airways.  Just so that I don’t need to worry about in-flight entertainment and I can keep asking for drinks throughout the long flight.

[disclaim]Disclaimer: I have never taken the flight from Singapore to Chitose via Scoot Airlines personally.  I have no idea if the transit is hassle-free, if the flight will be delayed, if the food is delicious or whether the cabin crew is pretty or handsome.  This analysis is simply based on price and my past experience on other Scoot flights.[/disclaim]


To search / book your flight, visit flyscoot.com.

Scoot Airlines Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook PageTwitter

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Scoot Airlines - Flying Singapore to Sapporo - Is it a Good Deal - Bumble Bee Mum

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  • Lim says:

    I have seen Hot air balloon available at Hokkaido during winter season but I can’t find any related information thru your website, do you have more info about this?

  • ling says:

    Hi Bumblebeemum, thanks for your sharing. May I know why do you not purchase the travel insurance from Scoot ?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      My good friend handles all my travel insurances for me, it’s just easier for me to get from him so that in the event I need to make any claims, he can take care of the paperwork for me as well.

  • Verene says:

    Hi BumblebeeMum,

    I’ve also booked Scoot tix to Sapporo and transit at Taipei in the coming end Oct. I’d like to ask if we need to check out the luggage at Taipei and re-check in again? We are thinking of bringing some fresh local product back to SG, like their famous potatoes, do you have any idea if the Taipei customs restriction on this?

    thanks alot.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I’ve never taken their flight to CTS myself, but from what I hear, I don’t think you need to re check-in. You just get off the plane with your hand carry, walk around the airport transit area a bit and get back on the plane.

      If you put your fresh produce in your check-in luggage, Taipei customs will have nothing to do with it. It just gets checked-in from CTS all the way back to SG.

  • Catherine says:

    Scoot flight is not bad but they require the check in to be done at least one hour before your departure time. They won’t accept any excuse.

    I was browsing and read this website. I just booked Thai airways to sapporo at good deal for 1 Adult and 1 child priced 796 sgd. The transit time for both ways is about one hour at bangkok.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yeah, the current Thai Airways promo is mad awesome! It took me by surprise frankly, I would never expect SIN-CTS airfares on full cost carrier to drop to SGD300+ per pax! But I’m not complaining. :p If Thai Airways keeps having promo at around SGD400 per pax, I don’t see any reason to take Scoot. Coz how low can Scoot possibly go? Even if they drop to SGD300 per pax, I would still pay a bit more for Thai at its current promo price for meals and in-flight entertainment. I shall keep monitoring to see if this Thai Airways promo is a once-off thing or we would keep seeing it. So many years of looking at SIN-CTS airfares, this is the first time I saw their fare dip before SGD600 per pax.

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