Shinjuku Gyoen (Tokyo) in Autumn

Shinjuku Gyoen (Tokyo) in Autumn - Bumble Bee Mum

Compared to other regions in Japan, Tokyo‘s autumn arrives slightly later.  So for us Singaporeans with children who can only travel during the school holidays from late November till end of the year, Tokyo is the perfect destination for autumn foliage viewing.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 01

When planning for our Japan trip in early December last year, I searched for autumn foliage spots in Tokyo and decided to visit Shinjuku Gyoen – which was right smack in town and walkable from our apartment in Shinjuku.   I particularly wanted to visit Shinjuku Gyoen because its location would allow us to view autumn foliage in the midst of the skyscrapers of Tokyo.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 11

We planned to visit Shinjuku Gyoen and Tokyo Fire Museum in the same day as they were within walking distance of each other. Since it was raining in the morning, we started with Tokyo Fire Museum before walking over to Shinjuku Gyoen after the rain stopped.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 05

As we entered the gate of Shinjuku Gyoen, we were greeted by some bare trees and wondered if we were too late for autumn foliage.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 02

As we walked further into the park, we found a patch of Gingko trees that were a gorgeous shade of golden!

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 04

We were thrilled because when we tried to visit the row of golden Gingko trees in Hokkaido University during our Hokkaido autumn trip,  we were there too early and the trees were mostly still green.  But this time round, our timing was PERFECT!

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 03

We also spotted some interesting orange bushes.  They weren’t the deep red maple trees we expected to find when we thought of autumn foliage, but they were beautiful in their own way.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 06

I couldn’t leave without taking a photo with the orange bushes (and forcing the kid to take a photo with me).  Check out MY’s ‘Mom, let go of me, this is embarrassing’ expression.  LOL…

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 07

After I was satisfied with having a photo, I let the kid run loose.  Living in Singapore, we seldom get huge open spaces where the boys can run around freely with nobody else within range that the boys would end up disturbing.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 10

Considering Tokyo has a reputation of being insanely crowded and busy, and Shinjuku being synonym with the world’s busiest train station (we are talking about 1,260,000,000 commuters passing through Shinjuku Station a year on average – info source), you may find it hard to believe that this serene park was actually in Shinjuku.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 08

Seeing how much fun MY was having running around the empty field, I decided to join in the fun.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 09

Before you go off thinking we were the only people at the park, we actually weren’t.  There were small groups of locals strolling around the park, admiring the autumn foliage.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 15

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 14

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 12

I particularly enjoyed the juxtaposition of the autumn foliage and the skyscraper behind.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 13

We continued walking and found a lane that reminded me of the Korean drama, Winter Sonata.  Mentioning this drama kind of reveals my age, but it’s okay.  You may already have noticed my wrinkles in one of the earlier photos.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 16

We were a bit late for the autumn leaves at this part of the park unfortunately.  There went my Winter Sonata re-enactment moment.  It didn’t spoil the kids’ moods though, as they were super amused by how HUGE the leaves were.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 17

Moving on, we came to a Japanese Garden and the boys started shouting, “Beautiful red trees!” and they dashed towards the pond which was surrounded by classic momiji autumn leaves.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 18

MF was like, “Take a photo of me and the beautiful red trees!” MF, by the way, is super selective about what he wants to take photos with.  He seldom requests to take photos with something.  Unless it’s something to do with his latest fad, like Pokemon for now.  Or Avengers before that.  Or Transfomers before that. Or Thomas before that.  You get the idea.  So I was pleasantly surprised by his enthusiasm towards ‘beautiful red trees’.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 20

And surprisingly, I got one decent shot with BOTH boys.  In case you haven’t noticed, I hardly have any photos of myself with my boys on this blog (despite the average photo spam of like 50 photos per post).  It’s SO hard to make my boys take photos with me. This was a particularly good day.  Something was putting them in an extremely good mood.  Probably the ‘beautiful red trees’.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 24

And just to keep up with my habit of photo spamming, here you go with the ‘beautiful red trees’.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 19

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 23

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 25

Shinjuku Gyoen was not exactly what I would consider a kids-friendly attraction in Tokyo – I didn’t even see a playground whatsoever in the whole park.  But surprisingly, the boys enjoyed the walk around the park a lot.  I highly recommend visiting Shinjuku Gyoen if you are visiting Tokyo in late November – early December for its autumn foliage.

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo in Autumn Blog 22

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Information on Shinjuku Gyoen:

Getting there:  Take Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line to Shinjuku Gyoen Mae station.  (Note: When using Hyperdia to search for train routes, key in ‘SHINJUKU-GYOEMMAE’ as your destination.)

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Opening Hours:

  • Tuesdays – Sundays: 0900 – 1600
  • Closed on Mondays (If Monday is a public holiday, then closed the following day or the weekday after in case of consecutive holidays.)

Admission Fee: 

  • Adults 200 yen
  • Elementary and junior high school students 50 yen
  • Free for children below elementary school age

Tel: +81-3-3350-0151 (Key in 0333500151 for GPS)

Map Code: 670 170 (what is this?)

Official Website: Homepage

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Shinjuku Gyoen (Tokyo) in Autumn - Bumble Bee Mum

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  • Linda says:

    Hi BBM,

    I will be in Tokyo from Jan 6 to 8, 2017. Will it be nice to visit the Shinjuku Gyoen Park on one of these dates?


  • What beautiful family photographs. One thing I miss while living in the Middle East is Fall Colours. This looks spectacular. We are going to Japan in September next year but think we will be too early


  • Lolo says:

    You had me at Autumn! It’s my absolute favorite season! Tokyo certainly looks beautiful in the Autumn! And what an adorable picture of you jumping with your son! #CityTripping

  • Ahila says:

    Love your photos of the beautiful golden gingko trees and the red trees! Sounds like a fun family visit to the park! #CityTripping

  • my sister has just moved to Japan – can’t wait to visit and explore! #citytripping

  • Carmy says:

    Love how gorgeous all the foliage looks! I definitely would like to visit in autumn! What’s the temp like? #CityTripping

  • Ruth says:

    Wonderful! I wanted to take a look at the fall colors in Japan. They are pretty great! Love the jumping shots. #citytripping

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yeah, the fall colours in Japan are really beautiful. Especially in Kyoto because I think fall colours complement traditional Japanese shrines very well. It’s a different feeling seeing fall colours against skyscrapers like here in Tokyo compared to seeing fall colours in Kyoto. But I love them all!

  • I love your photos of the Autumn foliage – they really capture all the different colours in the trees at the this time of year. #citytripping

  • May says:

    You sure do know how to look for the best backdrops for photos =) I absolutely love your jump shot and that park bench lining that autumn-filled pathway. I’d go crazy with pictures for sure! I do think the Reds look so much better than the Oranges though *heeh* Awwww Japan. I haven’t been back since 2009 and pity, not looking to make a trip any time soon still. #citytripping

  • They really are beautiful red trees! The Autumn foilage is stunning – have enjoyed your posts on Japan at this time of year. Lovely to get a photo of you and your boys too. Thanks for linking #citytripping

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Haha.. Yeah, I seldom put up photos of me with the boys because I seldom HAVE photos of me and the boys. They are so uncooperative when it comes to taking photos, especially with me! This was a rare day.

  • Those are such gorgeous photos – I love the contrast against the buildings too, and those reds are amazing. Really cute photos of you all together as well. We’ve had the most amazing colours on the trees this year… in typical fashion, I’m busy craving sunshine rather than appreciating them properly though… Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Haha.. It’s just like how when we Singaporeans go to places where there’s snow, we are like super exciting and jumping around, rolling in the snow.. And the locals are like grappling with the inconveniences that snow brings about while wishing for sunshine. On the other hand, we get sunshine here throughout the year and we complain about how hot and sweaty we are. Grass is always greener on the other side…

  • Shana Ang says:


    May I know your travelling dates?? My family and I are travelling to Tokyo from 24 Nov – 1 Dec and I am not sure what kind of clothes should I prepare for my 2 kids (7 and 6 yrs old).



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