Short Getaway to Gold Coast Australia with 20-month old toddler

Ah.. I’m finally getting down to blogging about our Gold Coast trip last September.  Can’t believe it’s been half a year already!

We were looking for a short trip before MY popped and while MF still enjoyed *almost* free travel.  We decided to go Gold Coast after being enticed by budget airline Scoot‘s advertisements.  You can read more about our experience with Scoot on this blog post. We decided to make it a self-drive holiday this time round, because from our Korea trip experience, we learnt that the best way to travel with a kid is to self-drive.

australia gold coast self-drive with toddler 1

Gold Coast is an amazing destination to visit with kids.   It is filled with family-friendly attractions such as:

and much more!


If you planning to visit Gold Coast’s theme parks and wildlife park, we recommend you get your DISCOUNTED admission tickets via Klook.

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Right after arriving in Gold Coast and getting our rental car, we headed to Dreamworld.

australia gold coast self-drive with toddler 2

We headed straight for the Dreamworks section because MF had become quite familiar with Dreamworks characters after our Royal Carribean cruise.


australia gold coast self-drive with toddler 4

We tried to get MF to take some of the rides that were suitable for kids, but he was absolutely terrified of them!


We passed by the Tiger Island and MF was pretty excited to see the baby tiger. (He was born in the year of the tiger afterall.)

gold coast with kids 1

We didn’t really do much at Dreamworld since MF was too coward to take the rides and we were pretty tired. On hindsight, it was not such a great idea to visit a theme park after a long overnight flight. We were zombified after exploring half the park (and it was not even that big) and headed back to our motel to sleep instead.


After having a good rest, we took a long drive up to Sunshine Coast to do some strawberry picking! Hubby and I love strawberry picking, we had a great time picking strawberries during our honeymoon in Melbourne, and decided to repeat the experience with MF.

It was an approximately 2 hour drive up to Sunshine Coast’s Strawberry Fields Farm from Gold Coast.  Just before arriving at the strawberry farm, we saw a nice-looking pub and decided to have lunch first.


After we filled our tummies, we drove on to the strawberry farm.


MF had lots of fun picking strawberries! We tried to tell him to pick the big and juicy ones, but he kept going for the tiny small ones.  Oh well…

gold coast with kids 3

After we filled up our tray with strawberries, we proceeded to wash them and enjoy the fruit of our labour. (Pun intended)


Apart from strawberry picking, there was also a small playground that MF had loads of fun playing at.


We also visited the shed and bought some strawberry milkshake and ice-cream to enjoy on the hot sunny day!  There were also several cute strawberry souvenirs like hats and purses for sale, but MF is a boy so we didn’t buy any of them.



Next, we drove for about an hour to Brisbane Southbank. It was pretty cool to find a beach right in the middle of the city.


MF saw kids taking a dip in the pool and decided to take his shoes off and waddled in.  He soon realized the water was super cold!


He decided to play on the dry land instead and had fun running around the grass and playing at the playground.


After he had his fun, we went on to do some sightseeing, strolling down the Brisbane river towards The Wheel of Brisbane.

gold coast with kids 4


The Wheel of Brisbane didn’t look very fun to ride, so we U-turned back, found a restaurant to have our dinner and drove for an hour back to Gold Coast.


It was time to visit Sea World! We got a great package deal that included accommodation at the Sea World Resort and entry to Sea World and Movie World, so make sure you check out their website for promotions if you’re planning to visit.  But if you are just visiting Sea World, you can check out discounted admission tickets on Klook.


We didn’t take any of the rides and spent our day watching shows and looking at the marine life.  MF absolutely loved watching the sharks and penguins.

gold coast with kids 5


There was a Dinosaur Island.  Not sure what dinosaurs had got to do with Sea World, but MF was terrified of the dinosaurs.



We had lots of time to spare since we did not go for the rides, so we went back to enjoy the resort facilities.  The room was spacious and comfy, and the swimming pool had a great water play area.



The water was freezing cold by Singapore standards (the locals had no problem with the water temperature and were happily playing and swimming), so we just let MF play for a while and quickly wrapped him back and rushed back to the room for a warm shower.


Movie World, here we come!  Again, if you are just visiting Movie World, don’t go to the door and pay full price.  If you didn’t get a package deal like us from Sea World Resort, you can check out the discounted tickets from Klook.

gold coast with kids 7

The first thing we did when we arrived was to watch a 4D movie.  MF happily put on the glasses without really knowing what was happening.  We sat on the last row where the seats were stationary because I was pregnant, so it wasn’t really fun.


We went around queueing to take photo with movie characters, but MF refused to cooperate.  I think he found the characters weird and creepy, and preferred to take photo with non-moving objects like retro cars.

gold coast with kids 8

We explored the WB kids section, and found a train ride that MF could ride.



MF was seriously not a fan of rides.  He was terrified on the train ride and refused to take anymore rides, so we just went around the take photos.


For lunch, we didn’t want to eat overpriced theme park food, so we brought our own snacks (bought from the supermarket) and had a picnic.


Again, we spent the day watching shows, and since we didn’t queue for rides, we returned to Sea World resort early and decided to go check out their water park.


Well, there wasn’t much to do there as the giant slide was not in operation, so we just played at the small playground for a while and went back to our room.

P1050625 copy

Our room had a great view of the sunset, and we bummed at the balcony to soak in the sun and enjoy the sunset.

P1050638 copy


Our last day in Gold Coast already! A trip to Australia would not be complete without seeing Koalas and Kangaroos, so we drove South and headed to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.  MF got to pet a possum and see some of Australia’s native animals.




He even got up close and personal with the kangaroos! I cannot fathom him.. He is terrified  of kiddy rides, but he is not afraid of a kangaroo many times his size?

P1050740 copy

There is also a nice kids playground at the park which MF spent quite a bit of time at.


After we were done playing, watching the shows and taking the train round the park, we decided to head to the beach.  Yes, it was our last day at Gold Coast already and we still have not been to the beach! So the beach was our final stop for the trip.


We spent our last night at La Costa Motel, located close to Gold Coast Airport, because Scoot‘s Gold Coast to Singapore flight departed very early in the morning.  So if you are also flying by Scoot and looking for a motel near the airport for your last night, I highly recommend staying with them.  The owners were super wonderful!


Overall, it was a really fun and relaxing trip.  We had ample time to explore each park and drove around leisurely. I was glad we did the trip (it was kind of a last-minute decision) because we are pretty much grounded in Singapore after our second kid, MY, came along. Gold Coast is really a great place to visit with kids, with all the theme parks and you can find playgrounds everywhere, from the beaches to the fast food restaurants. I would love to go back to Gold Coast again when the kids are older.



  • david says:

    Hi,Nice post!. I would be going to gold coast during june. May i ask have you experience any racism against asian in gold coast?

  • Jing Xiang says:

    Hi, I am a big fan of your travel blog. Me and my wife are thinking of bring out child (12 months) to Australia, Melbourne for a short vacation. He has yet to walk and require a baby seat when eating in restaurants.

    Need your advise if we should wait till he grows older or just go ahead with our vacation? The flight is 7+ hours long and we are afraid he might be crying throughout the entire flight.

    Have you encountered any obstacles when bringing your kids to Gold Coast?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I got lucky with my toddler on the flight there as he pretty much slept throughout. I have my fair share of horror stories on flights with my 2 kids, mostly revolving around them vomiting on me, on the passenger next to me, having to carry them in a baby carrier and walking up and down the aisle for hours, dealing with their crying from ear pressure during take-offs and landings, refusing to buckle up and sit properly when the seat belt sign is on, opening the window shield when the sun is shining brightly outside and everyone else is trying to sleep. It’s going to be challenging, that I will not lie to you. Good thing is you and your wife outnumber your kid so you all can take turns to deal with him. Frankly, I would pick a place that requires a shorter flight for my first trip with a kid, unless I really want to go Melbourne badly.

      But not to scare you off, there are definitely advantages of bringing the baby while he is young and can enjoy infant fare. If you wait till he turns 2 and needs a seat of his own, the price of air tickets is going to be another deterrence.

      Oh well, I’m a Carpe Diem person who will only stay put in Singapore if I’m heavily pregnant and the airline won’t let me on board. So if you ask me, I would say just go lah. I won’t let a kid stop me from flying, though when I’m on the trip, I do sometimes wonder why I spend so much money to torture myself with them around. But there will be good moments. Just make sure you plan a kids friendly itinerary and don’t try to pack too many activities into a day. Pack your kids’ medication, be well insured, be prepared for the worst, and whatever vomit and tears come your way, just clean it off and laugh it off.

  • Nana says:

    May I know which motel did you stay?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Ermm… I cannot remember where we stayed the first two nights. It was a pretty run-of-the-mill roadside motel that I wouldn’t particularly recommend, so I conveniently forgot its name.. Lol!!

      We stayed at the hotel at Sea World Resort on Days 3 and 4. I highly recommend their package deals!

      And on our last night we shifted to La Costa Motel, because we had a morning flight out and La Costa Motel is super near the airport. The owners were AWESOME! Omg, how come I never mentioned them in my post. I highly recommend them if you need a place near the airport. It is a bit out of the way for sightseeing unfortunately. But the owners were seriously awesome. They totally went out of the way just to make a restaurant reservation for us! Wait, how come I left this part out in my blog post. Maybe I should add it in to give them the credit they deserve.

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