Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4

Singapore Changi Airport will be opening its fourth terminal T4 this year!  Earlier this week, MY and I were lucky enough to secure a slot for the T4 Open House to get a sneak peek into this new terminal.  T4 Open House was a strictly ticketed event, and if you didn’t manage to secure a slot for it, uhmmmm… too bad. It’s over already. :p


During the open house, we acted like passengers who were going on board a flight at this new terminal.  Once we arrived, we were directed to one of the check-in counters to ‘check in’ for our flight! MY was thrilled to receive boarding passes and luggage tags after checking in.  He thought we were really going to take an airplane!! Lol…

We had a couple of minutes before it was time to ‘board our flight’, so we went around to check out the public area of the departure hall.  Since it was only an open house, the shops and restaurants were all not open, but we found some vending machines to get some drinks while waiting.  We were amused by the autonomous cleaning equipment on display.  It would have been fun if they were actually in operation.

Our reserved time slot was for 9.50am.  And there was a gathering area where we had to proceed to at exactly 9.50am.  If you have reserved a time slot for the T4 Open House, don’t be late!  At the waiting area, we were treated to the dancing of the Petalclouds.  The petal clouds were like the T4 equivalence of the Kinetic Rain you can find at Terminal 1.   But rather than rain, they are supposed to resemble clouds moving in the sky.  You can check out the video of it on YouTube!

After giving enough time for everyone to take photos and post videos of the Petalclouds on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, whatever, it was time to move on to the next segment.  We were directed to the check-in area, where we got a glimpse of the automated check-in procedure that would be used in T4.

Essentially T4 tries to automate as many processes as possible.   So after we learned how to complete automated check-in, we were shown to the automated immigration check point.  Previously when we travelled with kids, we always had to queue up for manual immigration because our kids didn’t have fingerprints on file till not-sure-what-age.  But at T4, children as young as 6 years old and above 1.2m could use the automated immigration – which uses facial recognition!

Aftering clearing immigration, it was time for DFS shopping! During the open house, the shops were not open yet.   So we spent time checking out some art sculptures around the passenger area.  I particularly liked the ‘Travelling Family’ aluminium sculptures!  And we were also greeted with a showcase of the airlines that would be using the new terminal:

I was rather ecstatic when I saw Vietnam Airlines would be using the new terminal, because I had just booked Vietnam Airlines tickets for our upcoming trip to Japan.  But I realised that the new terminal wasn’t going to be operational yet by then.  SAD!

We came to my favourite part of T4 –  the Heritage Zone!  Singaporeans should have little problem identifying the shophouses that inspired this row of ‘shophouses’ at the end of the passenger area of T4.   The heritage zone shows how the design of shop houses in Singapore evolved from the Baroque style of 1880s to the modern decor style of 1950s.  And if you hang around, you can catch a short 3D mapping show that runs continously.

And it was time to (pretend to) board our flight! We checked out the Boulevard of Trees along the waiting area, the automated boarding gates and took time to watch planes taking off.

Okay, the open didn’t exactly allow us to board a plane.  (That would have been cool.)  So after passing through the boarding gate, we found ourselves exiting into the arrival area as if we had gotten off a plane.   Which took us back into the arrival hall and giving us a chance to admire the Petalclouds above our heads.

And after exiting from the passenger area, we were greeted by another art sculpture “Les Oiseaux (The Birds)” which comprised of 3 stainless steel wired birds.  As you can probably tell by now, Art played a huge part in this new terminal of Changi Airport.  If you are curious to find our more about all these art scultpures, hop on over to T4’s website.

Public Area

Within the public area of T4, we spotted essential amenities such as luggage storage counter and Changi Recommends counter.  F&B options included:

  • Paris Baguette (yay!)
  • Starbucks
  • McDonalds
  • Andes by Astons
  • London Fat Duck
  • Food Court
  • Sushi restaurant
  • Bak Kut Teh restaurant
  • Coffee & toast cafes

Nursing rooms (baby care rooms) were also readily available around the terminal.

Singapore Changi Airport T4 Nursing Rooms

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