Singapore to Okinawa Flights – What are your options?
April 3, 2015
Update (August 2017)

Jetstar announced that it would be launching DIRECT flights from Singapore to Naha!  That’s right, we now have a budget-friendly option of flying direct from Singapore to Okinawa.

Jetstar flies DIRECT from Singapore to Okinawa

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Okinawa is often coined as the Hawaii of Asia.  Beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, amazing marine life.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 39

Okinawa is a mere 5.5 hour flight from Singapore – provided there is a direct flight. Last September, Silkair announced that they were chartering direct flights to Okinawa.  This got me SUPER excited!! I have been wanting to go Okinawa so much! But the absence of direct flights has been holding me back.

singapore to okinawa direct flight

(Image Credit: Be Okinawa)

However, because these were chartered flights, I could only book through specific travel agencies.  Most travel agencies reserved the flights for their tour package customers.  One agency I found which had free & easy packages charged SGD1588 per person for flight + 4 nights hotel.  And the kids had to pay the same price! This worked out to SGD6352 for a 5-day trip for our family of 4 – excluding car rental and other expenses.  It was crazy, considering we eventually went to Hokkaido for 17 days for less than SGD8000.

But this spurred me to look for alternative methods to get to Okinawa.  And below are the options that I have explored.

Singapore to Okinawa Option #1:
Fly to another city in Japan (typically Tokyo) and take a domestic flight to Okinawa.

This is the most common way, but is a major detour.  The cheapest city in Japan to fly to from Singapore is Tokyo, but if you look at the map, you will know flying to Okinawa via Tokyo is a real waste of time.

singapore to okinawa via Tokyo

You can fly via other cities such as Osaka or Fukuoka, but generally air tickets to these cities are more expensive than to Tokyo.  Domestic flights between these cities and Okinawa are also less frequent.

Singapore to Okinawa Option #2:
Fly China Airlines via Taipei

Flying via Taipei makes good sense since it is not much of a detour.

singapore to okinawa via Taiwan

However, I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of China Airlines.  Not a fan at all.

Singapore to Okinawa Option #3:
Fly China Eastern Airlines via Shanghai

Flying via Shanghai is a bit of a detour, though not as bad as Tokyo.

singapore to okinawa via Shanghai

But, I’m not a fan of China Eastern Airlines, so… next.

Singapore to Okinawa Option #4:
Fly Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong

Flying via Hong Kong is a bit of a detour, but still acceptable to me.

singapore to okinawa via Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific is a very reputable airline, hence I consider this a very viable option.  However, I have yet to come across a good promotion for their Singapore to Okinawa flights. So far, every time I searched, the fare is close to SGD1000. 🙁

Singapore to Okinawa Option #5:
Flying Scoot + Peach via Taipei or Hong Kong

As I mentioned earlier, flying via Taipei is one of the best option we have.  If you do not mind taking budget airlines, you can take Scoot to Taipei, followed by Peach to Okinawa.

singapore to okinawa scoot

Scoot Airlines operates direct flights from Singapore to Taipei.

singapore to okinawa peach aviation

Peach is a budget airline based in Japan. They operate direct flights from Taipei to Okinawa.

One of the advantages of this option is that it allows you to stop over at Taiwan at no additional cost!  If you want to stop over at Hong Kong instead (you know, to visit Disneyland with the kids), you can also take Scoot to Hong Kong followed by Peach to Okinawa.

Please note that Scoot and Peach are both Lost Cost Carriers, so please manage your expectation.  I had a pretty pleasant flight on Scoot to Australia, and you can read about my experience with Peach here.

Sidenote:  When I tried making a booking for Peach Airlines using my MacBook and Firefox, I kept getting error on the payment page.  I switched to my Windows PC and used Internet Explorer and everything was peachy!

Singapore to Okinawa Option #6:
Flying EVA Air from Singapore to Taipei, then Taipei to Okinawa

EVA Air operates flights from Singapore to Taipei, and also from Taipei to Okinawa.  But their website currently does not offer the option of booking a Singapore to Okinawa flight (with transit in Taipei).  Which means you need to book two separate tickets (SIN – TPE and TPE – OKA).   The advantage is that you get to stop over at Taipei.

And more importantly, for me at least, you have an option to take that Eva Kitty plane between Singapore and Taipei (starting from 21 June 2015).

singapore to okinawa flight EVA Air

EVA Kitty plane will operate between Singapore and Taipei w.e.f. 21 June 2015!

Cruise to Okinawa!

If taking multiple flights (especially with kids) does not appeal to you, how about CRUISING there? WOAH! Idea! Here are some cruise companies that operate cruises to Okinawa from countries within easy reach of Singapore.

Star Cruises

Star Cruises operates cruises from Taiwan to Okinawa.   They have 2 night cruises to Ishigaki, 2 night cruises to Yonaguni and 3 night cruises to Ishigaki and Naha.

okinawa cruises star cruise

(Image Credit: Star Cruises)

 Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises operates 8-Days cruises from Taiwan, visiting Okinawa along with Kobe in Japan, and Hualien and Kaohsiung in Taiwan.

okinawa cruises princess cruise

(Image credit: Princess Cruises)

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is going to operate 5-day cruises to Okinawa from Hong Kong and 4-day cruises to Okinawa from Shanghai.  And not just one any ship, but on their newest amazing Quantum of the Seas!  (Check your booking carefully as Royal Caribbean also operates similar cruises on Voyager of the Seas instead of Quantum.)

okinawa cruises royal caribbean

Quantum of the Seas (Image credit: Royal Caribbean)

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  • Jasper says:

    What was the bad experience with China Airlines? So far my experience with them were alright.

    • Actually I’ve never flown with them. I’m just traumatised by 2 episodes of ‘Air Crash Investigation’ that I watched on TV.. Lol.. I guess that’s not very fair, is it? Consider it my personal childhood trauma.

  • Constance says:

    Thank you for posting such an interesting article! I’m a Singaporean living in Okinawa — and I often have to weigh my options when I fly between Okinawa and Singapore, especially with kids in tow. Till now, I’ve taken the China Airlines route and haven’t had any issues with that. But after reading your write-up, I might try the Peach-Scoot option just to compare! Thanks!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Wow, you live in Okinawa? Any travel tips to share? I’m going there during the June vacation! My kids are super looking forward to visiting the aquarium after I showed them the photos.

      I’ll be taking the Peach-Scoot option for my trip. Will share more after I have actually experienced it. But so far my main gripe is that Peach lands at the LCC terminal in Naha airport which restricts my car rental options. And their flight out leaves at 8.30am which means I need to reach the airport at 6.30am. Super yawns, especially with kids in tow!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      And I guess I need to overcome my bias towards China Airlines from those Air Crash Investigations episodes. :p

      • Jasper says:

        With the recent aviation incidents, I supposed there is no clear cut now. Even SIA has suffered major turbulence incident on A380 last year. What about EVA Air? Don’t they have any connections from Singapore to Okinawa via Taipei?

        • bumblebeemum says:

          EVA Air has flights from Singapore to Taipei, and Taipei to Okinawa. But not Singapore to Okinawa with transit in Taipei. I guess it is still a possible option, by booking separate flight tickets. Let me go add that in.

  • Constance says:

    The aquarium’s a must-visit with kids — but it’s crowded anytime of the year! If you’re planning a trip there, it’s probably best to get there at opening time before busloads of tourists arrive later in the morning!
    Kids seem to have lots of fun at the Wonder Museum, too, which is a smaller version of Singapore’s Science Centre, but the focus isn’t so much on science as it is on interactive play. You might want to check it out if you have some time!
    I’d totally love to hear about your experience on the Peach-Scoot route! I reckon it’d take some planning and coordination since you’ll be flying with two different airline companies. I’m going to have to make those same plans when I return to Singapore in August! Haha!

  • Constance says:

    I’ve never been to the Fruits Land before — and I went to the Pineapple Park ages ago, so I can’ tell you for sure what they’re like. But from the looks of their websites, they seem like fun places to take kids to! 🙂
    Have a fab time in Okinawa this June hols! Let’s pray they have direct flights between Singapore and Okinawa soon!!!

  • sflow00 says:

    in the end did you go okinawa? If yes which option? Thanks

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hi, yes I did! We took the Scoot + Peach option. It was the cheapest option I could find with promotions. They were budget airlines so didn’t have high expectations. Peach’s seat wasn’t the most comfortable, but it was a really short flight so still bearable. The biggest con of flying Peach was that it uses the LCC (low cost carrier) terminal at Naha airport – which is like a cargo warehouse. It was… an interesting experience. Hahaha… I would share more about it on my blog eventually.

  • Valmummy says:

    Looking forward to your travel blog on Okinawa. I hope to go with my kids too but the ‘no direct flight’ is really a consideration. Post your experience soon!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yeah, the ‘no direct flight’ is really a huge drawback. I wish SilkAir had gone on to introduce direct commercial flights rather than just chartered flights. It would make Okinawa such a great getaway for Singaporeans! But with the arrangement I made (flying to Taiwan first and onwards to Okinawa) actually turned out quite well. Spending a few days in Taiwan just eating and shopping was great. Ah well.. yes, I REALLY need to clear my backlog of vacation posts.

  • singaporeaneats says:

    Thanks for the great tips!

  • kei says:

    Enjoyed reading all your comments. I am interested in visiting both taipei and okinawa during the xmas new year break. As I live in Sydney and only fly with reputable airlines it doesn’t seem straightforward 🙁

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yeah.. Sydney to Okinawa is kind of tricky. You probably need to go through Tokyo. Take JAL or ANA to Tokyo and take their domestic flight from Tokyo to Naha.

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