Taiwan Visitors Association Singapore (TTB Singapore Branch) @ Chevron House – Get your Freebies before you fly!
May 25, 2015

Planning a free & easy trip to Taiwan? A must-do before you leave is to pop by Taiwan Visitors Association Singapore at Chevron House (near Raffles Place MRT).

Taiwan Visitors Association Singapore Chevron House 5



The freebies range from free tickets / discount coupons for theme park and museums to MTR cards to Airport transfers etc.

Taiwan Visitors Association Singapore Chevron House 7

Free Tickes / Discount coupons that I received from Taiwan Visitors Association Singapore.


Getting To Taiwan Visitors Association Singapore

So how do you get to Taiwan Visitors Association Singapore?

  • Take MRT to Raffles Place station (NS26 / EW14)
  • Use EXIT B.
  • Once you come out of Exit B, Chevron House is immediately on your LEFT.
  • Look for the long escalator that brings you right up to Level 3.
Taiwan Visitors Association Singapore Chevron House 6

There was some renovation works going on when I was there recently, so the escalator was slightly hidden.


  •  You will find yourself face-to-face with the security counter.  You need to leave your IC at the security counter to get a vistor pass.
  • After you get your visitor pass, proceed past the leftmost gantry to the lift.
  • Take the lift up to Level 10.
  • TADAH! You have arrived!
Taiwan Visitors Association Singapore Chevron House 1

Once you exit the lift on Level 10 of Chevron House, you will see the Taiwan Visitors Association.


What do I need to bring to collect my freebies?

  1. Your air ticket confirmation
  2. One night of hotel confirmation in Taiwan

It is fine if your confirmations are electronic, you can just flash it on your phone to the staff.  What they really want to see is the BOOKING NUMBER OF YOUR AIR TICKET.

How many times can I collect the freebies?

You can only collect ONCE PER TRIP.   They go by the flight booking number, so each flight booking allows you to collect the freebies once.  So if you go Taiwan 10 times in a year, you can collect 10 times, that’s fine. As long as you have 10 flight bookings.

You will be required to key in your travel details into their system on the spot before they issue you the freebies, so no cheating!

Taiwan Visitors Association Singapore Chevron House 2

Can I collect on behalf of my travel companions?

YES.  As long as you have a copy of their flight booking.  They will look at your flight booking and issue you the number of freebies corresponding to the number of passengers on the booking.

E.g. I showed them my flight booking (which was for my 2 kids and I), they gave me 3 sets of freebies without questions.  My hubby’s flight booking was done separately, so I showed them my hubby’s flight booking and they gave me 1 more set of freebies.

Can I choose my freebie?

NO.  You just have to take whatever they are giving on the day you are there.

Can I check beforehand what the freebie is?

YES.  There are two ways to do it.

  1. Call 6223 6546 to ask the operator what the current freebie is.
  2. Check online at Hardwarezone forum.  Go to the latest post of the thread to see what people just received.

Are there expiry dates for the freebies?

DEPENDS.  The ones I received did not have, but I cannot guarantee that every freebie has no expiry.  Please call 6223 6546 to check beforehand if you intend to collect many months before your trip.

What else can I find at Taiwan Visitors Association Singapore?

You can find lots of travel brouchures!  The brochures include special interests such as:

  • Halal Restaurants in Taiwan
  • Wedding Photoshoot in Taiwan
  • Hello Kitty Jet by Eva Air
  • Drivers in Taiwan


Taiwan Visitors Association Singapore Chevron House 3Taiwan Visitors Association Singapore Chevron House 4

If you need help planning your trip, the staff will also be happy to assist you!


Information on Taiwan Visitors Association Singapore

Address: 30 Raffles Place, #10-01, Chevron House, Singapore 048622

Tel: 6223 6546

Opening Hours: 0900 – 1700 (Mondays – Fridays)
*Please note that they sometimes have ammended / shortened opening hours when they are involved in travel fairs.  Please call before going down to confirm their opening hours.*

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