Thailand Saraburi Sunflower Fields: Self-Drive Guide

If you follow my travelogues closely enough, you would know I have a slight obsession with visiting flower fields during my travels.  Growing up in a city like Singapore, there is something therapeutic about walking through a field of flowers and smelling the roses.  Though no, I have never actually visited a field of roses – I imagine that would be a rather prickly experience.

Tulips in Russia

There were times during my travels when I would come across an unexpected flower field while on a road trip.  Like how I stumbled across a gorgeous lupine field in Ladby while driving around Denmark during our Northern Europe trip.   But most of the time I prefer not to leave it to chance.  I would actually google around for flower fields that are in bloom during my time of travel and plan my itinerary to make sure I visit them.

Lupines in Denmark

One of my favourite holiday destination is Hokkaido, and I have always wanted to visit the sunflower fields in Hokkaido.  However, the sunflower season in Hokkaido does not coincide with Singapore’s school holiday.  So when I found out from my friend that Thailand has sunflower fields that are in bloom in December, I decided to make a trip to Thailand last December to check them out!

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Many people travel the popular tourist town of Khao Yai at the end of the year for sunflowers.  While we did come across a small sunflower field in Khao Yai, the larger sunflower fields are actually located in the Saraburi / Lopburi region which is about 1 hour drive Northwest from Khao Yai.

The best way to visit the Saraburi / Lopburi sunflower fields from Khao Yai is by car.  For our trip, we rented a car from Bangkok.  And not only did we drive to Khao Yai and Saraburi, we also drove to Ayutthaya – which was about 1.5 hours from Saraburi, with Saraburi located in between Khao Yai and Ayutthaya.

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Driving around the Saraburi and Lopburi region, we passed by numerous sunflower fields.  However, most of the sunflower fields in the region did not allow tourists to step in.

If you are coming by car and would like to walk among the sunflowers, I recommend you head straight for the sunflower fields along route 21.  There are TWO sunflower fields side by side along route 21:

Because of the road divider along route 21, you will find yourself driving North-bound along route 21 to get to the sunflower fields.  When you see the first sunflower field, possibly with some cars parked along the road in front of it, you would naturally want to park along the side of the road as well and check it out.  But this is actually the SMALLER field.  If you have time, no harm popping in since admission fee is just 10 baht per pax.

However if you are short of time, skip the first field and keep driving and pretty soon you will come across a second field with a large carpark in front.  The second field also has cost 10 baht per pax to visit, and is much larger.  And there are a number of props set up throughout the field for interesting photo opportunities.

While I recommend visiting the sunflower fields by car, it is also possible to visit by train from Bangkok as well.  The timing is now as flexible though, as you have to follow strictly the train timing.  More information on visiting by train can be found on 10best.com.

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  • Min Li says:

    Is viewing the fields limited by timing of the year? (Seasons?) Any chance of flower fields in end April? Thanks

    • Queen Bee says:

      The sunflowers in Thailand only bloom at the end of the year, around Nov – December.

      • Min Li says:


        Noted you visited The Bloom and Palio. How do you rate them?
        Bloom has some bad reviews that visitors commented that gardens are not well maintained.
        I wonder whether is worth a visit since my visit period is not flower seasons in Saraburi and Jim Thomson Farm?

        Reviews mentioned that nothing much is opened on weekday at Palio. We are visiting either on Wednesday or Thursday. Did you have similar experience?


        • Queen Bee says:

          The Bloom was okay. It’s true some of the gardens were not very well maintained, but there were still some nice photo spots. On the whole if you have time to spare and enjoy gardens, it is still good for an hour or two stroll. I wouldn’t place it high on my priority list. But if you are visiting out of season for Saraburi and Jim Thompson, I guess you can still go to The Bloom.

          Hmm.. Palio was kind of boring frankly. Yes, I had similar experience and there weren’t that many shops open when I was there.

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