Top 10 Hokkaido Must-Visit Cafes (2016 Picks)

Top 10 Hokkaido Best Cafes - Bumble Bee Mum

I’m not sure whether it’s the air that the cows breathe or the grass that they eat in Hokkaido.  Desserts in Hokkaido are simply in a class of their own.  The rich cream.. the oozing cheese.. the buttery pastries and crusts… Omg, you have to eat them to know what I’m saying.

So if you have limited stomach space or don’t wish to risk getting diabetes, where should you head to find the best sweets and toasts in Hokkaido? Let me share with you my top 10 picks.

PS:  If you are wondering why super famous confectionery like Kinotoya BAKE cheese tarts and Snaffles cheesecakes are missing from the list, it’s not that they are not good.  But I prefer to recommend stuff that you can’t find in Singapore. At least not yet.

#1 Royce Bakery Cafe (New Chitose Airport)

Think soft fluffy pastry with molten ROYCE chocolate flowing out.  Or buns with a whole slab of ROYCE chocolate sandwiched in them.  That’s what you can expect to find (and more) at Royce Bakery Cafe, conveniently located at New Chitose Airport.  The cafe is part of Royce Chocolate World, which houses a small chocolate factory, museum and of course souvenir store selling exclusive Royce chocolate products.

Must-Order: Rare Choco Croissant

Map: Click here for Google map direction

Map Code: 113 742 186

Website: Homepage

#2 Cafe Morihico (Sapporo)

How does an inconspicuous cafe selling almost nothing but drip coffee make it to #21 (at time of writing this) out of 8000+ restaurants in Sapporo on TripAdvisor?  They have to be freaking good at it.  I’ll be honest and tell you that I am no coffee connoisseur, though my friend who was raved about their ice drip coffee.    I, on the other hand, was here for the cheese toast.  Morihico gets their bread from Marumugi, a super popular bakery in the vicinity.  So their toast and drip coffee make for a perfect tea break in Sapporo.  But be prepared to queue.

Must-Order: Cheese Toast to go with your drip coffee

Map Code: 9 488 110

Map: Click here for Google map location

Website: Homepage

#3 Le Tao (Otaru)

Walk along Sakaimachi street in Otaru and chances are someone will stuff you a sample of Le Tao’s famous double fromage cheesecake.  That bite-sized sample is SO not enough! Head down to Le Tao’s main store opposite Otaru music box museum and tuck in to a slice of double fromage cheesecake while enjoying the view of the crowd below.

Must-order: Double fromage cheesecake

Map Code: 493 661 610

Map: Click here for Google map location

Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page

#4 Kita no Ice (Otaru)

There are no lack of big-name cafes in Otaru, with Le Tao stores dominating Sakaimachi and long queues forming inside Kitakaro for their ice-cream and cream puff which sell out by mid-day.  But if I only have stomach space for one dessert in Otaru, I would make it Kita No Ice Cream Ya San near Otaru canal.  Simply because unlike Le Tao and Kitakaro (which also have stores at New Chitose Airport), it is not a chain and unique to Otaru.


  • Squid Ink or Uni (sea urchin) ice-cream for the adventurous
  • Beer ice-cream

Map Code: 493 690 531

Map: Click here for Google map location

Website: Tabelog

#5 Milk Kobo (Niseko)

Everyone goes to Niseko to ski.  I go to Niseko to eat.  For me, no trip to Niseko would be complete without a visit to Milk Kobo.  For some of the best oozing cheese tarts and cream puff in Hokkaido, together with super rich and creamy soft serve and award-winning yoghurt drinks, you can find them all at Milk Kobo.

Must-Order:  Cheese tart, cream puff, soft serve

Map Code: 398 321 134

Map: Click here for Google map location

Website: Homepage

#6 Cafe IF (Niseko)

If you are skiing in Niseko and looking for the perfect place to warm up or wind down, the hot chocolate and cheesecake at Cafe IF should do the job.  Be patient though, they take a long time to make that ultra rich cup of hot chocolate, but it will be well worth the wait.

Must-order: Cheesecake, hot chocolate

Map Code: 398 385 633

Map: Click here for Google map location

Website:  Tabelog

#7 Mugioto (Obihiro)

While Obihiro is more famous for the Michelin-starred cafe at Rokkatei main store, I prefer to mingle with the locals at Mugioto, where what seems like the whole town seems to gather on Sunday mornings.  Join the queue for some yummy toast and pastry and sit out on the lawn in summer to enjoy them.  In winter, stay in the cozy indoors while a small playroom keeps the children occupied.

Must-order: Thick toast, strawberry danish pastry

Map Code: 124 624 352

Map: Click here for Google map location

Website: Homepage

#8 Happiness Dairy (Ikeda)

Happiness Dairy, as the name suggests, brings me true happiness.  Serving super awesome soft serve, gelato and pudding and complete with a playground to keep the children occupied.  This is my perfect kind of cafe.

Must-order: Soft serve

Map Code: 369 626 713

Map: Click here for Google map location

Website: Homepage

#9 Pan de Pan (Lake Akan)

A touristy onsen town is not a place I would expect to find a nice bakery cafe.  After all, most tourists who visit Lake Akan stay in a ryokan with half-board, and will have little reason to check out this little cafe.  But if you are headed for the Lake Akan sightseeing cruise and have time (or stomach space) to squeeze in some bread and confectionery, do visit Pan de Pan near the dock for the sightseeing cruise.  The bread and cake selection there is so mouth-watering, you would have difficulty choosing what to eat. For something unique, try their miso pudding!  You can even bring home the little glass jar.

Must-order: Miso pudding

Map Code: 739 342 609

Map: Click here for google map direction

Website: Homepage

#10 Sanai no Chaya Cafe Curve (Biei)

Just like Cafe IF, Sanai no Chaya Cafe Curve is ran by an elderly couple who doesn’t seem in any hurry to make big bucks and takes their time to serve customers an unforgettable experience.  This cafe is nestled in the Panorama Road area of Biei where visitors flock to for the flower fields in summer.  But it is located far away enough from the popular flower fields to retain its peace and charm, and visitors can enjoy one of the best affogato in Hokkaido while soaking in the expansive countryside scenery.

Must-order: Affogato

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Map Code: 349 792 775

Website: Tabelog

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Top 10 Hokkaido Best Cafes - Bumble Bee Mum

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