Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review (Part 2) – Activities

Last week, I shared about the super-dee duper awesome facilities you can find at Renaissance Okinawa Resort.  This week, I shall elaborate on the activities you can find at the resort.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities Pinterest

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities Program Guide

The very first thing you do after checking-in, would be to pick up a copy of this program guide.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities Program Booklet

It is 30-pages full! So you just imagine the array of activities available.  Beach activities, marine activities, diving, snorkelling, animal program, dolphin program etc etc.  For full list of activities offered, you can visit Renaissance Okinawa Resort’s website.  In this post, I shall focus on the more family-friendly activities that we participated in.

Club Savvy Benefits

Last week, I mentioned that if you stay at least 3 nights during non-peak / 4 nights during peak period, you will be enrolled into Club Savvy.  One of the best benefits of Club Savvy (on top of free breakfast and lunch), is the free & discounted activities!

Not all activities are free / discounted.  Inside the program booklet, activities labelled ‘Savvy’ are FREE for Club Savvy members, and ‘Savvy50’ means members get 50% discount and ‘Savvy20’ means 20% discount.   Let me show you some examples.

If you take a look at short program below, those with the brown ‘Savvy’ logo (i.e. banana boat, kayak, snorkel rental) were FREE for Club Savvy members.  Others like the tubes, parent-child jet ski were half-priced. MF really wanted to go for the banana boat and jet ski, but he missed the 110cm height requirement by a weeeee bit.  Hence, we did not do any of the above activities.  But if your kids are above 110cm, they can go zipping around on the banana boat all they want!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities Program Booklet Beach Activities 1

Short Programs


The Haryu Boat Cruise (a dragon boat with glass bottom) was FREE for Club Savvy member – we went for this.   (Update – December 2016:  Haryu Boat Cruise is no longer free for Club Savvy members.  See our update at the end of the post for more details.)  The speed boat was free as well, but again minimum height requirement 110cm.  Fishing rental was also free.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities Program Booklet Beach Activities 2

Cruising, Speed Boat, Fishing Rental


The Coral Adventure Cruise was amazingly FREE for Club Savvy members.  As well as daytime yacht sailing.  We went for both, which you will see later The sunset sailings were not free, but half-priced for members.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities Program Booklet Cruise and Yacht

Cruising & Sailing


Diving was generally not free, but half-priced for members.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities Program Booklet Diving

Diving Activities


I didn’t know how to dive, so I went for the Seabed Walk.  It cost only 2500 yen (before tax) instead of the usual 5000 yen.  We spent 15 minutes underwater and we were given bread to feed the fishes in the water. 🙂

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 16

Snorkeling was generally FREE for members, except for the blue cave snorkelling which was half-priced.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities Program Booklet Snorkelling

Snorkelling Activities


Programs suitable for young children

Our kids were aged 2 and 4 during the trip.  Hence, we went for as many of the activities that were suitable for them as possible.

Coral Adventure Cruise

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 01

This was my absolute favourite.  Partly because it allowed us to get away from the terrible summer heat.  And it was absolutely FREE for Club Savvy members.

The boat drove us out to the shallow water, and the lower deck of the boat was slowly lowered when we reached the corals.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 02

We sat on the lower deck as it was slowly lowered into the water.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 03

And we were submerged! It was like sitting in a submarine!


Once we were submerged, we could see the beautiful corals and fishes around us.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 04

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 05

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 06

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 07

The cruise was 50 minutes long.  It was so fun, we could have gone for it again and again since it was free! But we didn’t, since there were many other stuff to do.

Note: Coral Adventure Cruise is not available in the month of January.

Daytime Yacht Sailing

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 08

The morning yacht sailing was again FREE for Club Savvy members.  No underwater / coral experience, but it allowed us to enjoy the sea breeze and admire the beautiful blue sea around us.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 09

It drove us out to where the blue cave was, where we saw many people going in to dive / snorkel.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 10

We could even go down the stairs to dip our feet into the refreshing sea water!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 11

Note: Yacht Sailing is not available from beginning February – late March.

Haryu Boat Cruise

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 12

The Haryu boat was essentially a glass-bottom boat in the shape of a dragon.  It was again FREE for Club Savvy members. (Update – December 2016:  Haryu Boat Cruise is no longer free for Club Savvy members.  See our update at the end of the post for more details.)  

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 13

The 20-minute boat trip took us out to the shallow waters where we could see the corals and fishes through the glass bottom.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 14

Kids Occupation Experience

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities Kids Occupation Experience 00

On top of the beach and marine programs offered by the seaside resort, Renaissance Okinawa Resort also had a program for children to ‘help out’ in various occupations in the resort!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities Kids Occupation Experience 02

The target age group was 4-12 year olds, and it cost 3000 yen (before tax) for any 2 of the above experiences.  Certain occupations had a minimum age requirement of 6 years old, but there were enough for 4 year old MF to choose from.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities Kids Occupation Experience 01

(3rd column shows the age requirement for each occupation.)


Animal Keeper

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 18

The first occupation that MF chose was to be an animal keeper.  He was given a set of kawaii ‘Okinawa Marine Research Centre’ uniform to wear! Once he was dressed, he and the other kids followed the instructor up to the Warabi Park.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 19

Their first task was to clean up the leftover turtle feed.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 20

Once that was done, they were rewarded with a chance to interact with the turtles.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 21 Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 22

Their next task was the sweep up the grass around the Warabi Park.   It was real hard work for the kids!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 23

Then they had to brush the goat’s fur.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 24

And finally feed the goats.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 25

After all that hard work, the kids receive their pay! Yes, they do get paid.  Nobody likes to work for free.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 26

Haryu Boat Cruise Crew

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 32

The second occupation MF chose was a Haryu Boat Cruise crew.  Again, he was given a uniform to wear, matching the real Haryu Boat driver!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 28

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 29

And he was all dressed and ready to go! Took a photo before the life jacket covered up the uniform.. Hah!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 30

His first task was to sound the gong to indicate that the cruise was starting!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 31

And when we reached the shallow waters, he was given bread to throw into the water to attract the fishes over.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 33

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 34

And again, at the end of the cruise, he received his pay!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 35

Note that if you would like to follow your kids when they are on this experience (I’m sure you would want to right?), you would need to book yourself on the same cruise.  This is where Club Savvy benefit is really important, because remember the Haryu Boat Cruise was free for members? That was why hubby, MY and I were able to follow MF out at no additional cost! (Update – December 2016:  Haryu Boat Cruise is no longer free for Club Savvy members.  However, you can still use your ‘paradise coupon’ to redeem a free ride on the Haryu Boat Cruise. See our update at the end of the post for more details.)  

Traditional Dancer

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 36

MF did not participate in this, but we saw this taking place in the lobby.  Basically for this experience, the kid would learn the dance and perform in front of the guests at the lobby.

Yacht Crew

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 37

When we went for our daytime yacht, there were two kids who were on their occupation experience as the yacht crew.  They helped to set up the sail. And later on, they even got to go behind the steering wheels of the yacht!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 38

Passport and Souvenir Stamps

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 39

Each kid participating in the occupational experience received a little passport, which you have to bring along when they go for the activity.   They will receive a chop inside to certify that they have completed the activity!

How to use their reef dollars

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 27

The pay they received came in the form of reef dollars.  Each reef dollar was equivalent to 1 yen. Every occupation paid differently.  For e.g. the animal keeper role paid 500 reef dollars and the haryu boat crew paid 600 reef dollars.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities Kids Occupation Experience 01

The second column shows the pay for each occupation


The reef dollars could be used at 4 locations: Dolphin Shop, Sailfish Cafe, Lobby Lounge and Tip Top Poolside Cafe.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 40

Kids being kids, MF decided he wanted to spend his pay at the gift shop.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 41

With the 1100 yen he earned, he had enough money to buy toys for both himself and his brother!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 42

I thought the whole experience was just super value-for-money.  For only 3000 yen, MF had so much fun, and went home with 1100 yen worth of toys.

Flipper’s School

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 43

Another activity suitable for children of all ages was the Flipper’s School.  We did not participate, but saw a session taking place while we were just hanging around the reef garden one day.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 44

The staff brought the group around the reef garden and marina to show them the various marine life available, and they could even touch some of them, such as the star fishes.

It cost 1500 yen per participant (free for children below aged of 3). However, the whole session was conducted in Japanese.

Craft Shop

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 58

There was a craft shop with tables and chairs for children (or adults – nothing stopping you) to complete the craft work.  You can purchase a kit and bring home your very own handmade Okinawa souvenirs!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 59

Dolphin Program

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 45

Saving the best for the last, the dolphin program was the highlight of our stay!  Initially, we were thinking of skipping it, because there is a similar dolphin program at Singapore’s Resort World Sentosa (RWS).  But we met a Hong Konger during our stay who told us that RWS charges 3 times the price.  Furthermore, according to him (I didn’t bother to verify), RWS didn’t allow children as young as ours for their dolphin program.  So we decided we should do the dolphin program here.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities Program Booklet Dolphin Program 1 Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities Program Booklet Dolphin Program 2

There was a wide range of activities, all different priced just to make it all so confusing.  (RWS does the same thing btw.)  The most popular activity among adults was the Dolphin Odyssey (where you hold on to the fin of the dolphin and ride along), which cost 15000 Yen (off peak) / 20000 yen (peak) per participant.   But for children, we took the Hong Konger’s recommendation to do the Dolphin Encounter which cost 7000 Yen (off peak) / 10000 Yen (peak) per participant.  Since even 2 year old MY needed to pay, we decided to leave him out, and only hubby and MF went for the dolphin encounter.

Dolphin Encounter

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 56

The Dolphin Encounter allowed the participants to get into the water to interact with the dolphin.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 46

They could play ‘catch’ with the dolphin using the hoops provided.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 47

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 48

They even learnt hand signs that were used to train the dolphins.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 49

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 50

But before getting the dolphin to obey them, they had to bond a little with the dolphin via some tender loving care.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 51

With that done, watch MF make the dolphin spin!!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 52

And that was just the first dolphin.  They got to interact with 2 dolphins!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 53

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 54

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 55

If you ask me, 7000 yen is pretty reasonable price to pay for the above experience!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities 57

Note: All the prices stated in this post are subject to consumption tax (which is currently 8% but set to rise to 10% in October this year).

In Summary…

There was just so many activities to be done at Renaissance Okinawa Resort.  I highly recommend meeting the minimum number of nights to qualify for Club Savvy.  It is an extremely good deal.

Peak season is July – August.  If you would like to save money, please avoid these 2 months.  We went in June during the Singapore school holidays and it was a great time to visit.  It was non-typhoon season (though no guarantee – a few weeks before we were there, Okinawa was hit by typhoon) and we paid non-peak price.

Our stay cost about SGD1000 for 3 nights (excluding the additional activities i.e. kids occupation experience, dolphin program and my sea bed walk).  It was extremely value-for-money considering activities such as the coral adventure cruise, yacht sailing and haryu boat cruise were included, and so were breakfast and lunch, under Club Savvy benefits.  If you kids are above 110cm, you can benefit even more from the free banana boat and speed boat rides!

And this is not forgetting all the facilities that I have mentioned in the earlier post such as indoor pool with slides, access to land and sea animals PLUS free laundry! (I just can’t get over the free laundry.. LOL!)

So if you are visiting Okinawa with kids, I highly recommend staying at Renaissance Okinawa Resort.

Update (December 2016)

When my sister was at Renaissnace Okinawa Resort in December 2016, she told me that they had changed their activity pricing and system.

When she was there, each guest received some coupons which they could redeem for activities.  They called it the ‘Seven Seas Paradise Coupon‘.   Each guest who stays 2 nights or more will receive 3 coupons during their stay.

However with this introduction of the paradise coupon, benefits from the Club Savvy program were reduced. Some of the activities that were free for Club Savvy members previously such as the Haryu Boat Cruise is no longer free for Club Savvy members.  But if you notice in the broucher above, you can still use a coupon to redeem a Haryu Boat Cruise during your stay, so it kind of evens out.

Pin it Up for Later!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Activities Pinterest

Information on Renaissance Okinawa Resort

Address: 3425-2, Yamada, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, 904-0416, Japan

Telephone number: +81 98 965 0707 (key in 0989650707 for GPS)

Map Code (what is this?): 206 064 443

Parking: Available at resort for FREE.  Drive to the hotel lobby when you arrive and pass the key to the valet.

For booking, please visit Renaissance Okinawa Resort’s official website.  I highly recommend booking directly from the resort to ensure you get the Club Savvy benefits if you meet the minimum number of nights of stay.

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  • Phoebe says:

    We have always wished to go Japan for holiday but it seems so pricey. Love your photos and am so tempted to see the reef and walk on the seabed! Hopefully in time to come, our family can travel there!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Nowadays it is much cheaper to go to Japan due to exchange rate! And frankly, with Singapore’s rate of inflation, it has become relatively cheaper to go to Japan as the years go by. You won’t feel the pinch as much because things in Singapore are so expensive to begin with. :p

  • Lydia C. Lee says:

    That looks like so much fun & def a lot to do – but a little unsure about the turtle being put on it back??? That seems mean….

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Oops, maybe it was just my photo and poor description. The turtle was not turned over for the kids to play with. The staff turned it over for a while to show the kids something and explain something about the turtle. It was meant to be educational, but it was all in Japanese so my boy didn’t understand a word.

  • Angie.S says:

    This is seriously SO MUCH FUN! You made me feel like booking a flight to Okinawa right away! I am amazed by the diverse range of recreational activity for the kids and the water sports programme the resort provide. Do you reckon it is a good time to go in Dec though? We’ve no plans for year end hols and this is so tempting 😀

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Do you like the cold? Temperature in December would be around 15-20 degrees C, which I think is great for sightseeing. It was frankly a bit too hot in June and we were quite reluctant to walk around too much due to the heat. December would be nice for visiting the marine park and other outdoor attractions.

      However, it may be a bit cold for swimming. I visited Gold Coast when temperature was around there, there were many people swimming in the pool. But I found it too chilly for my liking. So I guess it depends on individuals.

      But for those boat trips, I don’t think the slightly chilly temperature would hold me back. Maybe grab a jacket along just in case the wind is cold. But I rather be out in the sun at a temperature of 20 than 30+, so December seems like a nice time to visit if you ask me. I may be a bit reluctant to go snorkelling or diving though, but that’s not my main focus.

  • What a great selection of included activities, I bet your kids never got the chance to say I’m bored.

  • Soon Koon says:

    Seabed walk??!!! That sounds interesting for myself. I will love to try that. My boy is still too young to join many of the activities, but probably the ones my boy will love is the playing with the turtle and feeding the goats.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      The sea bed walk was very interesting! But I don’t think you see as much as compared to diving. But it requires zero experience or lessons, anyone who can walk (and meet the height / age requirement) can go! You know, Resorts World Sentosa has it too. 😉

      Yeah, your boy may be a bit too young to fully enjoy the activities at the resort. I would say at least 4 years old AND 110cm would be most ideal.

  • Debs G says:

    Wow! So many interesting activities in one place! That’s an incredible resort!

  • mumseword says:

    This Seabed Walk sounds so fun!! The water must be so shallow and so so clear for you to do that!!
    This really sounds like a fantastic place to go to!! 🙂

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yes, they brought us to a very specific spot in the sea where the water was shallow enough for the seabed walk. But definitely at the shallow water, there are not as many variety of fishes as the deeper waters that can be reached via diving. But I don’t know how to dive, hence seabed walk was excellent.

      And the water around Okinawa is really super clear!

  • Rachel ¦¦ A Nesting Nomad says:

    I can’t believe how many cool activities were on offer! That definitely makes it great value for money and a fantastic option for those with kids. Although (I think I said this on your last post too) quite a few of those activities would be right up my street! And I’m with you, I wouldn’t be able to get over the free laundry either…!

  • Waiwai says:

    Look so interesting! I was thinking of either this resort or Rizzan Sea Park Hotel if I visit Okinawa.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      What Rizzan has that Renaissance doesn’t have is an indoor play room and the inflatable water play area on the sea. I chose Renaissance because my kids were too young for those inflatable water play area anyway. And the awesome kids occupation experience + dolphin program were not available at Rizzan (or any other resort I KIVed).

  • MummyTravels says:

    How great that there are so many free experiences, and so much that even little ones can get involved in. Thanks for linking up to #mondayescapes

  • finallymama says:

    Sounds amazing, and with SGD rather close to Yen, a pretty good deal!

  • Love love all the sea activities! (Mermaid school too?)
    But the “Kids occupation” is too cool, animal keeper, boat-crew Wow.
    It is like Kidzania outdoor!

    cheers, Andy

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Lol @ the Mermaid school too! I was hoping to spot someone doing it, but didn’t come across any.. hahaha…

      And you know, my hubby said the exact same thing about the kids occupation being like Kidzania. I totally didn’t relate the two until my hubby mentioned it. We were wondering whether to go to Baby Boss in Taipei, when he remarked that what MF did at Okinawa was similar to Baby Boss. So in the end we didn’t go to Baby Boss because this was good enough (it was within the same trip).

  • Wow, the fun just keeps coming with this place, how incredible!
    Thanks for joining in #wednesdaywanderlust

  • Ruth says:

    There is not doubt that this resort is amazing. Then, the location is wonderful too since you can cruise to beautiful places and see the fish underwater. I like that you guys took advantage of everything possible.

  • pearl says:

    I’m thinking of bringing my son in dec who will be 18 months by then – do you think he would be too young to enjoy the activities?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hmmm.. yeah.. While there are activities like the coral cruise that your son can enjoy, I think children aged 4 and above would benefit more from their program because that’s the age they can do the occupation experience.

  • Qi says:

    Looking at your blog makes me excited for my trip next month. Just would like to check if it requires to be the Hotel guest of Renaissance resort Okinawa in order to enroll on the activities. I am not sure if i will get any penalty for cancellation of my hotel reservations.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hmmm… I have never asked if non-staying guests are allowed to participate in the activities. Think you would need to check with the hotel on that. To me, it just makes more sense to stay there rather than stay elsewhere and pay for the activities at Renaissance (even if it is allowed) because the Club Savvy that came with our stay covered many of the activities. If I was staying at other resorts, I would participate in the activities at the resort I’m staying at.

  • YAE says:

    Hi bumblebeemum,
    thanks so much for your detailed write up on okinawan trip and this star at renaissance hotel! I am going there with family/young kids march 2018 on the direct Jetstar flight! Your detailed writeups really help with planning so a big THANK YOU!

  • Dan says:

    Hi bumblebeemum
    Cool blog! Understand that your sister went to this Renaissance resort in December. Would it be too cold for snorkelling and sea walk? Would wearing wetsuits keep most of us used to the Singapore weather warm enough to snorkel? Thank you. Appreciate your reply.

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